Posted By rahimid deraman on 2/15/2009 at 8:55 PM

A few months ago, we did an interior survey of a shop lot (a supermarket) in a shopping complex (mall). The purpose was to determine the exact sq feet area since there is a dispute between the tenant and the mall. The flooring was huge slabs of glossy marble, no way our tripod going to stand (unless we hack the marble ;-) ). Our ad hoc solution was, bought an 8 foot 2X1, cut it into 3 equal pieces, nailed them together to form a triangle (like a poll rack), place cardboard paper at the corners and off we went. 1 day job.

Today we received a work order to start the same type of survey for 31 units. I'm looking for some ideas to fabricate a similar, better looking and reusable version of the above 'tripod rack'. If you have one, photos would be appreciated.