Vancouver, British Columbia - Groupe Alta and Integrated Mapping Technologies, Inc. (IMT) are proud to announce their strategic alliance to integrate cutting edge Web diffusion solutions and recurrent aerial acquisition programs to streamline distribution of high-precision geospatial data in BC, Canada.

Groupe Alta and IMT directly address the growing demand in the industry for up-to-date and high-precision geospatial data at lower costs through the introduction of the Lower Mainland Acquisition Program (LMAP) and geospatial Web platform,

The LMAP program is to cover approximately 3000 km2 in the Greater Vancouver Metropolitan area and is based on a recurrent acquisition schedule to provide aerial imagery on a yearly basis and LiDAR every 4 years, commencing in 2009. LMAP participants may acquire rights to orthophotos, stereo imagery and the various mapping products available.

MyGeoWorld.comis a unique Web-based solution which makes the location of geospatial information intuitive and convenient across all business processes and users. The power of online geospatial applications and tools, in addition to instant accessibility to high-precision geospatial data, help users make better-informed decisions in order to develop highly accurate final products.

“We are proud to partner with IMT to deliver these innovative programs and web technologies to assist geospatial users in their-day-to-day business activities” says Ben Raymond, President and CEO of Groupe Alta. “In light of new economic conditions, organizations today are forced to choose between efficiency versus quality; our technology provides no compromise between the two. Our recurrent acquisition programs combined with our geospatial web technologies were designed and developed to help users provide quality products at lower costs, throughout their project life cycle.”

"We are very excited about this new relationship. The combination of IMT's and Groupe Alta's leading technologies and services will bring high-precision aerial imagery and mapping products to the forefront of the geospatial arena in the Greater Vancouver Metropolitan area as of 2009”, says Ian Grady, President and CEO of IMT (Integrated Mapping Technologies Inc.). “This new partnership enables us to enhance customer experience by providing users with instant accessibility to up-to-date and high-precision geospatial information.”

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