Anxious for a new experience, a land surveyor takes a trip to Kenya to use his talents to help establish a rice farm.

Published: December 29, 2008 12:00 am    
Man's time in Kenya gave new perspective
By Doris Wedge
Growing up in Norman, living his whole life here except for three years when his work took him to Wichita, Kelly Henderson wasn't prepared for what he saw and experienced when his work again took him out of town, this time to Kenya. It was an experience that changed his view on life, not to mention his own health.
He has had interesting experiences during his 25 years in the land surveying business, from working on highway planning to laying out the yard lines on Owen Field. He was anxious for a new experience when a client of his firm, Lemke Land Surveying, was planning a trip to Kenya to help establish a rice farm.
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