AAMHatch is excited to announce the start of commercial operations for the GeoEye-1 satellite. After several months of calibration and testing, GeoEye-1 is ready to start capturing 0.5m resolution imagery for our commercial customers today.

AAMHatch is the exclusive partner of GeoEye in the Oceania region and has been supplying 0.8m satellite imagery from the IKONOS satellite for several years. GeoEye-1 is the new sister satellite to IKONOS, and was launched in September last year.

The satellite imagery products from AAMHatch are now available in 0.5m, 0.8m and 3.2m ground resolutions. Digital imagery products are available in colour, and black & white. Colour imagery comprises four bands: blue, green, red and near-infrared. GeoEye-1’s improved spatial accuracy of 3m, excluding terrain effects, without the need for any ground control, is a much anticipated improvement compared to other existing commercial satellite systems.

“We expect our customers to not only be impressed with this improved pixel resolution and higher spatial accuracy, but also with the much quicker turn-around time to deliver this imagery” said Lisa Dykes, the AAMHatch Satellite Imagery Manager. “GeoEye-1 is not only a perfect complement to our existing IKONOS satellite imagery products, but also our high resolution aerial photography services.”

GeoEye-1 is currently the highest resolution earth imaging colour satellite commercially available. GeoEye-1 can image any region of the earth and is expected to be used by a range of industries, including mining, engineering, environment, agriculture, government and defence. Contact AAMHatch for information about GeoEye-1 and how it will benefit your organization.