Even if you don't have a mule named Sal, you still have to know the boundaries of the Erie Canal.

By David Robinson
Evening Telegram
Thu Jan 29, 2009, 09:56 AM EST

Mohawk, N.Y. - Utilizing 100-year-old maps as a guide, a surveyor consulting the Mohawk Village Board has found inconsistencies in the legal boundary separating the villages of Mohawk and Herkimer.

Denny Mowers, of D.L. Mowers Land Surveyors in Mohawk, in a phone interview said there may be parcels of land in Herkimer that Mohawk legally owns and vice versa. Boundaries dividing the towns of Herkimer and German Flatts could also require minor adjustments, he added.

The discovery stems from the original corporate layout in 1844 which established the village line of Mohawk, according to Mowers.

Maps made in 1844 were based on natural boundaries created by the Mohawk River and old Erie Canal, Mowers said. However, adjustments made in 1922 to the waterways - in order to form the current barge canal - created slightly different maps of the municipalities.

Basically, the boundaries recognized today - deriving from 1922 - do not match the legally-binding plan for the municipality from 1844, Mowers explained. ...