When residents from Eastern St. Tammany Parish, La., find out their flood insurance rates may quadruple, they turn to land surveyors to prove FEMA wrong.

06:34 AM CST on Monday, December 1, 2008
Doug Mouton / Eyewitness News
In August 2005 the Turtle Creek subdivision of Eastern St. Tammany Parish took a direct hit from Hurricane Katrina. There were trees down everywhere, but none of the homes flooded.

“We had no water line in my whole yard,” said resident Rod Maidlow.
But three years later Maidlow discovered the new FEMA maps changed his flood zone from “c” to “a.”
 Having your flood zone change from “c” to “a” affects you in a couple of different ways. First, your homeowners insurance will now probably require you to have flood insurance. The cost of that flood insurance, in flood zone “c,” is roughly $325 a year. In flood zone “a,” it's a whole lot higher than that.
“To not have water in your yard, and then be considered a flood hazard – that doesn't make sense,” Maidlow said.