Posted By John Hamilton on 3/2/2009 at 6:14 PM

I am trying to figure out the amount of stone (sq ft) required for a gas fireplace in my house that is under construction.

I setup a reflectorless total station, and shot the corners of the box.

I would have scanned it, but it is like 15°F, and they say the scanner doesn't work well below freezing.

Okay, so I got coordinates for the corners. I run these through COGO, and I am able to figure out the dimensions of the sides using a combination of X-Y inverses and elevation differences. From that I computed the square footage by a combination of triangles and rectangles.

I am admittedly a novice with CAD. The guy who works for me, Todd, knows CAD, but is on vacation.

I bring these points into Carlson Survey 2006 (I also have AutoCAD LT). How can I rotate my view so that I am looking at the face of the fireplace straight-on (i.e. so that I could compute an area)? The coordinates are SPC, so they aren't parallel-perpendicular to the surface (stop laughing at me).

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