When he's not belting out Southern rock, musician Tim Smith spends his days surveying land for construction projects. But these days, the construction work has dropped off so much that he's making more money playing music than surveying land.

by David Greene

All Things Considered, February 26, 2009 · In many places around the U.S., people hit by the recession are being forced to make sacrifices. They're concerned about the economy and their jobs, and they're waiting for the day when things will start to look up. Meanwhile, they're making changes and finding ways to hang on to what's normal.

In LaBelle, Fla., what's "normal" is an annual celebration of a local food called "swamp cabbage." Fine restaurants call it "hearts of palm," but in south central Florida, it's been called swamp cabbage at least since the Depression, when the vegetable helped Floridians survive.

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