Posted By david bowers on 2/2/2009 at 11:10 AM

in response to the other message, surveyors can qualify to teach maths and become teachers. technically, that is, with the surveying tertiary qualifications being equal to that of a maths teacher.
i know a few surveyors in australia who have done this because the automation and button pushing in surveying lost its appeal.
i called the surveyor to my job last week, he sent some kid who set up the robot on a known site control point, took a backsight and put in the stakes. he had no idea of the coords entered, he just stakes whats loaded for him by others at the ooffice, he gets the ute and the robot. anything else related to building etc. would need the surveyor to undertake studies. site management sounds easy, but you need to know how all the trades function, contractural procedures etc.
i am a qualified carpenter with a surveying diploma, i do both, made a fortune on wages in china surveying and other places, then went back to site manager.i get 50 bucks an hour for every hour at work, i dont do salary jobs.