Posted By Steven A. Gardner on 1/15/2009 at 7:46 PM

For those not familiar with it by now, this was a Calif. Supreme Court case where essentially math trumped occupation. I'm trying to do some boundary agreements among several of the owners in that subdivision. No need to get into all that legal stuff here, though.

Many of you may know that Blevins eventually shot and killed his wife and son on the property involved in the case.

Here's one I just learned today: Our main client told me that his grandmother bought a pony from Blevins a long time ago for the grandkids to ride. After a few days, the horse's whiskers turned from black to gray and it turned out Blevins had colored them with shoe polish to make the pony look younger.

This doesn't sound as interesting as I thought it would be, now that I wrote it. Oh, well. Maybe there should be a survey trivia category.