A new book that presents the time- and money-saving benefits of “machine control” in the construction industry is receiving high praise from contractors, utility companies, and suppliers of the technology across the country.

“Make More Money with Construction Machine Control”has been researched, written, and published by the staff of TrenchSafety and Supply, Inc., a Memphis-based company that provides equipment and services to help contractors and utilities work safer, more productively, and more profitably. The authors consulted with numerous machine control professionals throughout the book’s preparation.

Written in language and style that clarifies what can be a hard-to-understand technology, the book includes many actual job-site photos, plus illustrations, diagrams, and charts. Likewise, each of the seven chapters ends with a “Frequently Asked Questions” section, which further discuss a wide range of topics such as proper care and maintenance of the equipment, safety issues, money-saving examples, and more.

The book begins at the beginning. Chapter 1 provides a thorough overview of the state of the technology today. It follows that overview with a discussion of how a contractor or utility can determine if machine control is appropriate for the kind of projects they work on.

Subsequent chapters cover all the full range of machine control technologies - from lasers, to simple “indicate” systems, to 2- and 3-dimensional automatic systems, through to the latest in GPS-based systems.

Ray O’Connor, President and CEO of Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc., noted “It’s said that time is money. Take a little time to read this informative book that will help you make more money using the latest machine control technology.”

Kevin Kelton, of Forsgren, Inc. in Fort Smith, Ark., said, “You want to be more efficient in site-prep construction? Start with this book.”

And for management personnel, who are focussed on keeping their customers happy while keeping one eye on the “bottom line,” Grant Garrett of Grant Garrett Excavating, summed it up best. “We now work smarter, we’ve reduced our costs, and our customers love us for getting their jobs completed faster.”

The book is available at the AEC Store atstore.bnpmedia.com/store/aec_online/make-more-money-with-construction-machine-control-a-how-to-manual-for-site-prep-contractors/index.html.

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