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From "The Survey Association" (TSA) website in the UK ......

7 November, 2008

Network RTK Guidelines

Earlier this year, TSA, Leica, Trimble and the Ordnance Survey came together to fund research into GPS accuracies. Newcastle University was commissioned to undertake the research and to produce best practice guidelines. The aim of the research is to provide quantifiable evidence to the accuracies that are achievable using GPS and to explain to both users and clients how best to achieve this.

This is possibly the first time that the industry has come together in such a manner and all the stakeholders are justifiably proud of the process. We firmly believe that this should be of interest to all concerned with the accurate collection of GPS data.

The final report and guidance notes were unveiled, explained and discussed at a “launch day” meeting hosted by TSA at Old Trafford.

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A PDF of these guidelines and other PDFs are available at -

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