Irvine, CA- RBF Consulting is proud to announce 22 team members who recently completed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Professional Accreditation from the U.S. Green Building Council. As LEED professionals they have demonstrated their knowledge of green building practices and are able to facilitate the certification process through their familiarity with LEED requirements and resources under the LEED Rating System.

In recognition of their accreditation and commitment to professional development, RBF Consulting honors each team member with a $750 bonus for their dedication to building an environmentally sustainable future.

In addition to applying LEED standards to current projects, RBF Consulting can also provide LEED services for clients wishing to outsource the certification process. The LEED certification process includes project registration, submittal documentation, design phase review and assessment, construction administration, and fee management. The LEED Accredited Team Members include:

Tim Thiele from the Carlsbad Office; Bill De Jong, David Eames, Barbara Eljenholm, Shiori Kawaguchi, Michelle Kou, Leah Price and Courtney Wood from the Irvine Office; Calvin Lee from the Las Vegas Office; Pamela Foxley and Aaron Pfannenstiel from the Ontario Office; Mo Iacuelli and Mike Worlton from the Phoenix Office; Monica Kling, Gus Lindquist, Nicole Marotz, Thalya Parrilla and Jonathan Rowland from the San Diego Office; Chris Morlok from the Temecula Office; Scott Larson and Sam Mills from the Tucson Office; and Joseph McCue from the Walnut Creek Office.

"These professionals are excellent examples of the steps our people here at RBF Consulting are taking toward ensuring a sustainable future," stated Bob Kallenbaugh, Co-CEO, "We are proud of their dedication to the environment and their planning and engineering professions."

RBF Consulting's mission statement, which was developed over a decade ago, is to make the world a better place through the application of the principles of sustainable development by providing professional design services that enhance the quality of life and the environment.

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