HubTack is pleased to announce FREE support of Google Earth & Google Maps.  This new service allows you to enter a State, County, Township & Range and go directly to that location in Google Earth. We even draw the township & section lines for you.

Click on the center of the township or section to zoom in for a better look.  You can easily switch between Street, Satellite and Terrain views to get a better idea of what you will be surveying.

If you are logged in and have the township grid up, you can simply click on the new Map It! tab to bring up Google Earth.  Move the map around and navigate to a new county and township - when you click on the Monument Records tab you will be taken to the new township that corresponds to your view on the map.  This allows you to easily navigate between the map and the document records database.

Now when you get a request for an estimate, you'll be able to see not only what monument records are available, but also the terrain, trees and streets without ever leaving your office, making your estimates much more precise.