Two years after the introduction of the Z+F IMAGER 5006, Zoller+Fröhlich GmbH presented an improved version of the 3D laser scanner at INTERGEO 2008 in Bremen, Germany.

The development of the Z+F IMAGER 5006i allows for improved point cloud data quality and is now more resistant to a higher temperature range, increasing productivity of the data survey on site. The Z+F IMAGER 5006i can now operate within temperatures as low as -10°C or as high as  45°C.

Within these environmental temperatures, the scanner can be used within its 'stand alone' concept. The integrated battery enables an independent power supply and the data can be stored directly on the internal hard drive.

The improvement of the data quality is noticeable in two aspects. On the one hand, the Z+F IMAGER 5006i has a reduced range noise on surfaces of objects which has benefits in the later data evaluation. On the other hand, it enables the scanning of “difficult” surfaces, e.g. polished metal. In practise, this results in a reduction in the number of scanner positions, resulting in reduced scanning times and a more economic work process.

A WLAN interface has been integrated for easier handling of the Z+F IMAGER 5006i. Other devices such as a notebook, PC, PDA or iPhone can be used to operate the scanner and view the scanned data without the use of any additional software.

Creating coloured point clouds is gaining in importance in many areas of application.

With the M-Cam Z+F offers a fast solution which allows an automatic selection of identical points. The Z+F IMAGER 5006i is already equipped with the necessary interfaces for connecting a camera to the scanner, enabling the capture of colour point cloud data sets. It is possible to equip the laser scanner at any time with the Z+F M-Cam.

The Z+F IMAGER 5006i is available from December 1st, 2008.

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