Donald Tozier watched a home go up on land that a judge ruled Tozier owns. Now, Tozier wants the Maine Supreme Court to award him the house to compensate for the more than $90,000 he spent in surveying and legal fees.

 Written by Jacqueline Weaver  
Thursday, November 13, 2008
LAMOINE - Oh what a difference a boundary can make.
For Joanne and Joe St. Pierre of Lamoine and Donald Tozier of Hancock, it has meant five years of tension and costly litigation.
A Superior Court judge already has ruled that the St. Pierres built their house on Tozier’s land.
Another Superior Court judge then told the St. Pierres to move their house, which they are prepared to do.
Tozier is appealing that second court ruling, saying he wants the house since it’s on his property and the litigation has generated a mountain of legal bills.
Both parties are now awaiting a hearing before the Maine Supreme Court.