Livermore, CA – August 7, 2008 – Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) and James W. Sewall Company (Sewall), one of the nation’s leading providers of GIS services to government agencies, utilities, energy companies and the forestry industry, have formed a strategic partnership designed to provide complete end-to-end solutions for GIS deployments.

Topcon, with headquarters in Livermore, California, manufactures the world-leading GMS-2 GIS / GNSS hand-held data collector with integrated digital camera. Visualization, a key feature of GIS, is enhanced by pictures captured by the GMS-2 and seamlessly linked to code and attribute data. Actual site conditions can be viewed in the office, promoting a higher degree of certainty for asset management and analytical decisions.

Topcon's rugged, compact GMS-2 is the industry's first GIS-GNSS product to offer:
  •  An integrated digital camera;
  • GNSS (dual-constellation) tracking; and
  • Multi-function capabilities as a controller for Topcon RTK systems and total stations.
Founded in 1880, Sewall is an integrated team of geospatial, engineering and natural resource consultants with headquarters in Old Town, Maine. The company’s diverse portfolio is based on 100 years' experience in surveying and civil engineering; 60 years' in aerial mapping; and 20 years' in GIS and software application development.

Earlier this year, Sewall formed the Geospatial Solutions operating group to leverage broad capabilities in GIS data production and analysis, systems engineering and integration, product development and technical project management for the benefit of clients in government and industry. The partnership with Topcon will enhance Sewall’s ability to offer new, more advanced mobile solutions, providing a full suite of GIS consulting and integrated hardware services to clients in the public sector and in infrastructure, energy, forestry and natural resource markets.

Eduardo Falcon, Topcon senior vice president of business development, said, “Topcon is honored to have James W. Sewall Company, an established and prestigious consulting firm, join us as a GIS Solution Partner.” The benefits of this new program include direct access to Topcon hardware, software, and application development resources. The result is a comprehensive solution for the client and increased profit for the service provider. “Our partnership with Sewall enables them to include Topcon’s leading-edge data collection and management tools as part of their GIS implementations,” Falcon commented.

David Levine, vice president of geospatial solutions, commented on the significance of the new relationship with Topcon. “GIS has moved from back-office mapping functions to real-time infrastructure that bridges field operations, command centers, business systems and the executive suite. Topcon’s products are a key part of this revolution in geospatial services, and will play a significant role in the integrated solutions we offer to our clients.”

Topcon will be introducing two new devices with advanced functions for GIS data collection. The GMS-2 PRO features an integrated laser rangefinder capable of offset, height, width and distance measurements. The GRS-1 will define the next level of mobility and connectivity with an integrated cellular modem and Windows Mobile 6 operating system. Topcon’s new devices will set a high standard for fast, efficient GIS field work.

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