Land surveyor Oliver Backlund and his wife, Andrea, show that there are many ways to make a lasting impact on your community.

By Mary Beth Smetzer
Published Monday, November 10, 2008
FAIRBANKS - A framed winter scene of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church is the focal point of a grouping of Alaska artist prints on the living room wall of Oliver and Andrea Backlund’s sun-filled home.
The little log church on First Avenue has been and continues to be central to the Backlunds’ life. They met at St. Matthew’s two decades ago, were married there in 1989 and continue to take an active role in the church’s activities and programs.
Most recently, the Backlunds have been involved with Alaska Interfaith Power & Light, also known as the Regeneration Project, which brings faith communities and religious organizations together to reduce their impact on the environment.
“If we are going to share this glorious creation, we need to be responsible in how we use our part of it,” Andrea said.
“Amen,” Oliver said.