Posted By D G123 on 11/25/2008 at 10:18 PM

Looking for opinions....

Control network provided uses control values on "grid" coords. Combined factor is given. Performed a closed traverse, utilizing the C.F., which is less then 1, on this published control for integrity check and all is good! 1:100,000

Now it's time to stakeout a bridge (150' span) and associated structures.

A supplemental closed traverse was perfromed near the proposed structure, starting and closing to the same published point - however this traverse was run using a CF of 1 (so none of the distances have been adjusted for grid). This traverse closed for 1:50000. Do not intend to adjust this traverse.

The quandry is this: Utilizing the factor of 1 - distances measured between each supplemental control point are the "truest" value, therefore stakeouts from the secondary control points would suit the structure best. If you apply the project Combined Factor to this supplemental traverse, distances shot between each control point will be slighlty off. This could effect the layouts (very slightly) if this is done from two different points.

Should I continue on using the coordinate results from the factor of 1 traverse? or readjust so all my control is on grid?

This has been an intriging discussion with some of my collegues. Thanks