Posted By Nate Dearyan on 11/2/2008 at 11:37 AM

One time, I had a call to perform a survey. The client had a deed, and there was a corner of the land that he did NOT own. He wanted to sell his piece, and have us INCLUDE the corner he did not own. I went to the courthouse, researched the title, and found out who did own it, and that it would be wrong of us to pretend he did own it. He had the little corner under fence. The fence ran perpendicular to a road.I told him I would be happy to survey it, but that I would have to show the little corner on the plat hatched in, and shown as a possible title conflict area. I told him that I could not artificially show him as the owner, without the proper deed. I never did the job, and he never called me again.

For some folks "The wish is father to the fact". And, they wish they owned something, and try to get the surveyor to say that they own it, when in fact they do not.

This is a case in point where your ethics are pressed. I had a full day of research in the job, and discovered evidence that dismissed me from the job. I did not have a contract with him, as I did not know the price, until I had done the research.

I did not make any money on it.

Surveying is like that sometimes.