When six Oregon property owners receive notices from the Dept. of State Lands demanding that they begin paying leases on their riverfront property based upon the state's interpretation of an 1800's Donation Land Claim, a surveyor steps in to argue in the landowners' defense.

August 06, 2008
By Deborah Steele Hazen
for The Clatskanie Chief
CLATSKANIE, Oregon (STPNS) -- About a dozen downtown Clatskanie property owners, plus several other interested persons met Monday evening, Aug. 4, with Louise Solliday, director of the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL); State Senator Betsy Johnson, State Representative Brad Witt, and Columbia County Commission Chair Tony Hyde.
Discussion at the meeting was on the topic of the DSL’s demands that the owners of six downtown properties - plus the city of Clatskanie - pay leases on property that is part of the Isaac Waggoner and E.S. Bryant Donation Land Claims (DLC).
Beginning almost two years ago, downtown Clatskanie property owners began to receive letters from the DSL demanding a $750 application fee and a minimum lease of $275. However, the DSL determines how much the fee will be and can raise it annually. Those receiving the letters were threatened with $1000 per day “trespassing” fines if they did not comply within 30 days. Most of the property in question has been owned by the same parties for decades. ...
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