Charlotte, NC – September 3, 2008 – BLUERIDGE Analytics is now registering civil engineers for certification in SITEOPS, its revolutionary, money-saving software. This new program enables engineers to rapidly acquire one of the industry’s most sought-after skills. Engineers must complete a comprehensive three-day training session at BLUERIDGE headquarters in Charlotte, NC to become a SITEOPS Certified Professional. Engineering firms may also earn certification as SITEOPS Certified Providers.

“We created this program because land developers continually ask us where to find engineers proficient with SITEOPS,” says CEO Mike Detwiler. “SITEOPS is a powerful technology, delivering both cost savings and rapid site prototyping. By choosing a SITEOPS Certified Professional or Provider, developers know they will receive the full benefits of that technology.”

In a tight construction market, SITEOPS Certification gives engineers the edge in landing new business. Benefits include listing on the SITEOPS website, use of the SITEOPS Certified mark on business cards and promotional materials, and participation in the SITEOPS Engineer Referral Network (ERN). SITEOPS Certified Providers also receive marketing tools and opportunities for increased exposure.

To receive certification, participants must:
  • Create, process, and optimize sites within the SITEOPS web application
  • Generate SCOR reports showing site cost estimates for multiple design options
  • Use web-based project collaboration features
  • Apply value engineering principles throughout the design process
  • Apply green building principles by designating tree saves and set-asides
  • Create building templates, truck docks, and disabled/specialized parking spaces
“We not only teach engineers to operate the software, we teach them how to save their clients money throughout the design process,” explains curriculum developer Chris Croucher. “SITEOPS gives engineers a powerful way to stand out from the competition. No other CAD tool makes it easier to design sites with cost in mind.”

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