After London officials refuse to reimburse motorists for car damage caused by speed "humps," the BBC sends a team of land surveyors to see if the humps are too high.

David Williams, Motoring Editor
An investigation has been launched into speed humps after claims that some are illegally large.
Researchers for a TV documentary examined humps across Islington after a string of complaints from viewers. They claim to have found several that exceed the legal maximum height of 10cm.
Motorists complain the humps are so big they are damaging their cars. Those who tried to claim compensation from Islington for damage to suspension and exhaust systems were refused.
But now, after being confronted by the BBC's Inside Out London, the council has launched an inquiry to see if the researchers' findings are accurate.
The BBC sent a team of land surveyors with laser measuring equipment to look at humps in three areas.