Powerful BLADE technology extends GNSS performance in difficult conditions.

Intergeo Exhibition, Bremen, Germany. – Magellan, the originator of GPS+GLONASS GNSS signal processing technology announced a new release of firmware for the highly successful ProMark 500 GNSS survey receiver. New features include backward compatibility with the support of Ashtech RTK data correction format, the ability to use the GSM data mode to receive RTK corrections from a GSM-equipped base (point-to-point communication), and the possibility to use an external CDMA or other type of cell phone to connect to real-time correction sources.

Magellan is also introducing new PC software called Real-Time Data Server (RTDS) that allows GPRS communication between one base and several rovers. The base could be a fixed base (with a direct/local connection to the RTDS) or a mobile base (connected to RTDS through GPRS). Magellan RTDS will enable users to have an efficient alternative to RTK networks (public or private). ProMark 500 offers a fully integrated solution without the limitations of UHF radios (provided that a cellular network is available). RTDS solution is applicable to any RTK system and will extend the operational capabilities of ProMark3 RTK as well.

High-end technology and lightweight design

The ProMark 500 delivers state-of-the-art RTK features in a light, cable-free rover that provides maximum mobility and flexibility. The embedded Magellan BLADE technology includes patented GPS+GLONASS processing algorithms insuring maximum benefit from the added GLONASS signals. BLADE also consists of other algorithms that provide fast initialization, long-range accuracy, and robust signal tracking. The ProMark 500 is upgradeable for tomorrow's evolving satellite constellations.

All-in-one flexibility

The ProMark 500 combines high performance with a flexible all-in-one communications system that enables NTRIP, direct IP, or point-to-point real-time corrections via a GSM/GPRS-enabled cell-phone module; plus a UHF connection uisng either a Pacific Crest or Magellan UHF radio.

Feature-rich surveying solution
  • The ProMark 500 uses the new version of Magellan’s FAST Survey field software, fully re-designed to optimize the functionality and performance of the ProMark 500. FAST Survey meets the demanding needs of land and construction surveying requirements, including compatibility with a wide range of survey instruments, extensive data formats and local coordinate system availability. These easy-to-use features make it possible for professional surveyors and novice GPS users alike to run complete survey jobs, including stake out, road surveys and combining projects done in association with total stations.
  • The ProMark 500 field terminal, the MobileMapper CX, includes a sub-meter GPS receiver plus an open operating system to easily load customized third-party field software. Users will find that the ProMark 500 cable-free rover solution is particularly easy-to-use, compact and light-in-weight for all day on-the-go use.
  • The ProMark 500 is available with GNSS Solutions, Magellan’s highly-regarded office software suite for post-processing field data. New in GNSS Solutions is the ability to download data from multiple reference stations to provide a post-processed network solution for measurement quality control.
BLADE Technology

Magellan’s BLADE technology introduces a unique patented way to use multiple GNSS constellations for high-accuracy positioning, maximizing the benefit of adding extra satellites to its already stellar GPS performance. BLADE insures fast initialization, long-range accuracy, and provides superior performance in occluded-sky environments. With its new RTK solution, Magellan brings to the market a unique blend of technologies which increases RTK availability. You will be able to not only take advantage of currently available GPS, GLONASS, and SBAS signals, but also be comfortable knowing that you can upgrade your receiver to meet the evolution to future constellations, such as Galileo.