Old Town, Maine-National GIS firm James W. Sewall Company announced that the Planning Department of Rockland County, New York, has launched the Rockland County GIS Portal on the Sewall GeoPower platform, an innovative on-line solution that provides comprehensive shared spatial data, maps, and applications across government departments, to the public and into the private sector. Based on ESRI server technology, GeoPower allows a wide range of users to search through, access, and interact with a centralized, authoritative repository of spatial data with only a standard browser and Internet connection. Rockland County’s GIS professionals are able to post custom web applications, a library of ready-to-print maps, and GIS data files for download.

Rockland County has found that instant, secure web access to parcel data, related information layers, and applications streamlines business processes and frees staff for the true mission of public service. Importantly, the general public has direct access to the same wide variety of high-quality information as government agencies, improving their access to services.

For the public, the GIS Portal provides an interactive mapping application with address lookup, tax parcel data, voting districts, land use, demographics and transportation. Similar data is provided as downloadable shapefiles and as ready-to-print high-quality maps. For government officials at the county, town and village level, the Planning Department has created individual login accounts with specific access rights to an expanded mapping application, as well as data files and maps for restricted or sensitive themes such as emergency response information, utility infrastructure, and delinquent tax parcels.

“We are very excited about the release of the GIS Portal,” said Douglas Schuetz, Rockland County’s Director of GIS. “It allows us to better serve our residents by providing them direct access to a wealth of information whenever they want it. We expect to reap great benefits from the standardization, centralization, and flexibility of the new platform, including cost savings for the County, improvements in process efficiencies, and a wider variety of services to the community.”

Earlier this year, Sewall formed the Geospatial Solutions operating group to leverage broad capabilities in GIS data production and analysis, systems engineering and integration, product development and technical project management for the benefit of clients in government and industry. Since the acquisition of Weiler Mapping in 2003, Sewall has built an extensive presence in New York State, maintaining tax maps and databases for county and local governments that include over 20 percent of all tax parcels in the State. Sewall is currently leveraging this expertise and access to important GIS data to assist local officials in the State in the development of shared services and advanced public administration capabilities.