Ament, Inc. is pleased to announce that it now offers high density laser scanning, in addition to robotics, GPS, and other current survey methods.

Laser scanning provides high resolution, three-dimensional geo-referenced data that surveyors use to create 3-D images and survey drawings. Laser scanning offers an excellent solution for engineering, architectural, construction, traffic design, manufacturing, historic preservation and forensic applications.

The new technology improves customer service because it allows surveyors to perform their work without disrupting activity in the area. In addition, the vast amount of information gathered with one scan eliminates the need for surveyors to return to the field in response to additional survey requests. All of the information needed to create plans is contained in the original scan, which translates into convenience and cost savings for the consumer.

For more information about laser scanning and other services, please contact Ament, Inc., (319) 378-1401.