Twenty-two years after one of Illinois’ most historic and relevant border markers is finally discovered, land surveyors step in to prevent it from disappearing again.

By Mark Bennett
The Tribune-Star
CLARK COUNTY, Ill. - The last few minutes of sunlight flicker through the trees along the Wabash River bank.
Bob Colvin isn’t enamored with the scenery, at the moment. He’s bothered, but undeterred by mosquitoes that have just detected a rare appearance of humans in this remote spot, thick with woods, weeds, sand burs and grasshoppers. Colvin uses a golf tee to scrape moss and dirt from an engraved inscription on a stone marker.
Eventually, its message is revealed …“159 MILES AND 46 CHAINS TO LAKE MICHIGAN.”
Colvin looks up and tells a newspaper reporter, “You’re looking at something very few people have seen - not in a long time, anyway.”
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