Posted By Deral at Home on 8/14/2008 at 6:09 PM

Probably really stupid question.

I'm doing some addressing matching to test our new E911 centerline file. It is graphically very good but the address ranges suffer the same problems as the TIGER files. 4100-4198...That sort of thing.

Okay I did a match of my house, which was at the wrong end of the block. I live at 4012 at the next to last house which is 4014.

The range in the attribute table is 4000-4198.

I use the editor button and change this to 4014 as the last number and save the changes.

It still geocodes back at the first place.

Do I have to exit completely out and start over for any of these changes to take effect.

I check the attribute table and it shows that its changed but when I geocode and look it's still the old range in the match fields.

Can you shed any light on what is happening?