After 100 years and a new survey, county officials say they want back 23 acres of developed land the town didn't know it owned.

by Matthew Perenchio | Jackson County Chronicle

Property owners making up a Pittsville cranberry farm will fight Jackson County in an effort to keep land the county says it owns.
In September, Ellis, Ellis and Dallman Inc., along with four other property owners, filed claims against the county for $712,000 if the county will pursue claiming about 23 acres of land that has homes and other buildings on it.
On Monday, the Jackson County Board of Supervisors voted to deny the claims but forward the information on to its insurance company. In addition to Ellis, Ellis and Dallman, claimants include David and Sandra Ellis; Eugene Ellis; Steven Coyle and Tina Ellis-Coyle; and Toni and Robert Scheel Jr.
The issue arose when the county recently began surveying the town of City Point, which includes Pittsville. According to Jackson County Clerk Kyle Deno, the town historically has not had accurate boundaries and the recent survey indicated the county owns more land than thought. The problem is that nearby property owners also thought they owned the land and built upon it over the years.
“Our surveyor went out there working at surveying the whole town of City Point and came across particular parcels that he thinks are county parcels,” Deno said.