Posted By RANDY HAMBRIGHT on 2/22/2009 at 7:04 PM

Seems like us Solo guys have a target on our back these days.

I think the big box guys are jealous of us and have to paint a bad picture to make themselves feel better.

Lets talk about profit first.

Big Box:

3 to 5 crews to keep busy, not looking to good right now.

The Office Surveyor has to bill out at a 2.5 or greater billing rate to make the company some profit and keep his job in these slow times.

Probably needs to lay off several men next week, but trying to hang in there.

New trucks with a fancy logo on the side, 2 or 3 man crew that stops at the first taco stand on the way out to the job,

Party chief has 10 years experience, maybe less, maybe more, but can stretch out a 2 hour job into 6 because its slow and he needs the hours. Lunch break is 2 hours instead of 30 minutes because he is pissed off that his company can not get enough work to make a week, crew members agree.

Solo Guy:

Works his butt off, eats on the run, the wife who also keeps the books made him a sack lunch, he has 10 more points to set and its getting dark, he gets it done because he has office work to get done. Solo gets up at 4:00am to get office work done, goes on to the next job and does it all over again.

Same money charged,

Times have changed, don't knock that 50 or 60 year old man that's out there outworking your 2 or 3 man crew and is a better cad monkey than your best cad guy.


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