Atlanta, GA – August 5, 2008 – TerraGo Technologies, the visionary provider of tools, technology and know-how for building collaborative geospatial applications (GeoApps), today announced the latest release of its flagship product Map2PDF for ArcGIS, version 4.0. TerraGo’s Map2PDF for ArcGIS solution expands the capabilities for ESRI users to create optimized GeoPDF files and to access the TerraGo Toolbar, the industry standard for geospatial data consumption that is used by more than 250,000 GIS professionals and non-GIS users worldwide.

With version 4.0, customers will now be able to more effectively capture intelligence gained through collaboration in the field and easily incorporate it back into the GIS system of record. This closed loop workflow facilitates the import of GeoPDF files along with their associated PDF annotations and GeoMarks. This enables users to create a persistent reference within ArcGIS, treating GeoPDF files like other industry standard geospatial data sources, such as GeoTIFF or shape files.

“At TerraGo Technologies, we are focused on enhancing the end-user experience to create a more robust, collaborative environment in which geospatial experts and end users can work together more effectively,” said Rick Cobb, CEO and president of TerraGo Technologies. “This latest release demonstrates this commitment by empowering organizations to go beyond basic data transformation to creating intelligent GeoApps with closed-loop collaboration.”

Map2PDF for ArcGIS version 4.0 includes additional feature enhancements that are designed to ensure ease of use and productivity for the end user and GIS expert alike. New features include the ability to:
  • Preserve ArcGIS-placed hyperlinks during export to GeoPDF with an associated hyperlink archive
  • Preserve scale dependent feature visibility during export to GeoPDF
  • Select from a wider variety of options to create a more customized GeoPDF
In conjunction with the announcement of this release, TerraGo announced the availability of concurrent licensing for those customers who wish to purchase under this model. This new release will be available to new customers for purchase and to existing customers active on maintenance later this month.  

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