Atsugi, Japan -SOKKIA TOPCON, provider of advanced solutions for the surveying, mapping, industrial measurement and construction industries, proudly announces the release of the GSR1700 CSX L1 GNSS Receiver.

The GSR1700 CSX boasts the best L1 GPS+GLONASS tracking capabilities in the industry. This GNSS capability along with its ease of use and affordability make it the ideal product for a novice while expert users will take advantage of the receiver’s innovative features.  The receiver’s centimeter accurate measurements are ideal for survey-grade static and kinematic surveys, including topographical and control point surveys. Single-button operation, informative LED display and minimal learning curve make the GSR1700 CSX user friendly for surveyors of all skill levels.

The ultra-reliable 28-channel L1 GSR1700 CSX receiver tracks GPS and GLONASS signals, eliminating observation range and line-of-sight limitations, making it a great addition to conventional surveying.  Market first features such as support for multiple Bluetooth wireless peripherals and voice notification system available in ten languages and tones are un-rivaled in industry. The rugged magnesium alloy GSR1700 CSX has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +65°C, IP67 rating and 100 percent compliance with the European Union’s RoHS lead-free directive.

The system is also available with new data collection software, SDR+ S/K Edition, which is user-friendly, easy-to-use and has been specifically designed for static, stop-and-go and kinematic surveying.  SDR+ S/K Edition features an icon-based interface and intuitive wizard-style workflows, which minimizes training time and ensures productivity.

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