Ottawa, Canada– The TITAN division of Ambercore Software Inc., a leading global provider of high performance spatial software and services, is pleased to announce the sale of a TITAN mobile laser scanning system to David Evans and Associates Inc. (DEA).   DEA began evaluating TITAN in August of 2007 with a project on the I-405 in Washington State, and found it to be a highly viable highway survey system.  They have since used it for significant projects in Colorado and Oregon.  

“Integrating TITAN into our full portfolio of surveying and mapping solutions is key to our commitment of innovation and delivering value to our clients” says Marcus Reedy DEA’s Director of Surveying and Mapping.

“We have had a long standing relationship with DEA, and have worked with the firm for over 20 years.  It is very exciting for us to deploy TITAN within their organization, and to share our new, innovative technology,” says James Ferguson, President of the TITAN division.  “We will provide all necessary support to DEA to ensure their continued success as they explore new opportunities using mobile scanning technology.”

The TITAN system collects engineering grade corridor survey information at highway speeds.  This dramatically increases the rate at which high accuracy data can be collected for highway design and other uses.  It also greatly increases the safety for the surveyors and operators by removing them from the traffic stream.  The system was developed based on two decades of experience building and operating advanced survey systems based on GPS and emerging technologies.  The TITAN system has successfully completed over 50 projects in North America to date.  TITAN collects a 360 degree tunnel of data as it moves down the highway capturing the roadway as well as all features within the right of way. TITAN’s advanced positioning system allows it to function successfully in areas where GPS visibility is not 100% available.

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