Posted By Larry P on 8/19/2008 at 6:42 PM

This could get interesting.

The facts:

In July of 1990 Bill and Jill Smith (husband and wife) buy some property together.

A few years later Bill and Jill separate and get a divorce without resolving the ownership of the land.

Later a deed is recorded from Jill to Bill.

Next Bill deeds the property to himself and his current wife Mary. They then execute a deed of trust to the finance company. (July 2005)

Jill finds out about this and files an action seeking Declaratory Judgment. She contends she never signed the deed to Bill. (Her signature was forged.)

Judge rules in Jill's favor.

Anyone care to speculate on what happens next?

I'm heading to a professional society meeting but will be back later to answer.

Y'all enjoy your evening (or early morning for our friends DU.)

Larry P