Posted By john hogan on 11/20/2008 at 2:41 PM

"I Mrs. XYZ, from South Fla. I own some land in your county that your company surveyed in 1989."

Yes ma'am

"So, I was in town two weeks ago for the Station Celebration, and I noticed the corners on my lot are gone."

Yes ma'am

"We'll when you surveyed my property ya'll guaranteed me that my corners would stay in place."

Uh, huh. You don't think they might still be there but covered up, or could have been displaced in the course of 19 years?

"Naw, they musta just settled out of the dirt themselves." Are ya'll gonna put em back in for me with that guarantee you gave me?"

Um, I will for a fee.

"But they was guaranteed."

Ma'am, if you would like I will be happy to resurvey your tract for X amount of dollars.

"I'll call ya back."