Foothill Ranch, Calif. – Navman Wireless OEM Solutions, a leading designer and manufacturer of world-class global positioning system (GPS) technology, announced that its latest low-power Jupiter 30 xLP GPS module is now available in production quantities. Featuring ultra-high sensitivity and a surface mount design, the Jupiter 30 xLP incorporates the new 65nm SiRFstarIII GSC3e/LPx chipset and provides up to 30% greater power savings than previous designs. The new Jupiter 30 xLP module is the ideal solution for location specific applications that demand the ultimate in GPS sensitivity.

Boasting tracking capabilities of -160 dBM, the Jupiter 30 xLP device integrates SiRFstarIII GSW 3.2.4 firmware code, unique Navman software features including Write-to-Flash for easy configuration storage and retrieval; Ephemeris Push for rapid satellite acquisitions and starts; and User Selectable Profiles with TTCXO, LNA, Flash memory and other select components to maximize operation even in extremely low power environments. Firmware features incorporate rapid time-to-first-fix in urban environments, high navigation sensitivity and stability, and quick transient condition response and jamming mitigation.

“The Jupiter 30 xLP is based on our extremely popular Jupiter 20 form factor and is the perfect combination of exceptional performance and low power,” said George Arnott, vice president Global OEM Solutions, Navman Wireless OEM Solutions. “Our OEM partners have already incorporated the new Jupiter 30 xLP module into their latest product designs.”

Available in active and passive GPS antenna models, the Jupiter 30 xLP includes an ultra-high sensitivity 20-channel mode GPS receiver that offers indoor position fixes and tracking capabilities of -159 dBM. Other key features include SiRFLoc multi-mode GPS support for improved fix availability, 200,000+ effective correlators for improved indoor fixes and tracking capability, 0.5PPM TXCO for optimal performance, integral LNA with low power control and on-board Flash memory. Incorporating an ARM7 32-bit CPU, the Jupiter 30 xLP also offers user-selectable SBAS, RoHS compliance, 1 PPS, 82mW average power draw at 3v power operation and brownout detection. The Jupiter 30 xLP has a 25.4mm x 25.4mm x 3.0mm form factor and weighs less than 4.0 grams. The module has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, 95% non-condensing humidity and an altitude operation range of -305m to 18,000m. Jupiter 30 xLP acquisition performance is 0.5 seconds (hot start), 31 seconds (warm start) and 33 seconds (cold start).

For more information on the Navman Wireless Jupiter 30 xLP extra low power, high-sensitivity GPS module, please visit For additional assistance or to purchase product, please contact Navman Wireless Customer Service at 949-461-7150.