Posted By J. Penry on 10/23/2008 at 1:59 PM

Last weekend during our fall outing, we confirmed that a USGS traverse monument set in 1961 had been moved 61'. The top of the cap was badly scraped and part of the concrete post was broken off. A Missouri River Commission triangulation monumnent set in 1889 had been moved 11'. Also at another C&GS triangulation station one of the reference marks was off by about 0.5'. OPUS solutions confirmed our suspicions on the first two monuments and by finding the lower monument of the MRC station. The arrow on the reference monument was pointing 90° in the wrong direction and part of the concrete was chipped off. I am thinking that all had been disturbed by farming operations and then reset back by non surveyors. One has to wonder how many monuments are out there that are not where they were originally placed and have been used as if they were?