Posted By Richard Abbott on 8/26/2008 at 8:18 PM

There were some interesting comments posted way down below I think that the issue is succinctly covered by rules 5 and 6

5 This site is maintained for the use of professional land surveyors throughout the world to use as a gathering place to exchange ideas and meaningful dialogue. Please use it as such.

6 This is a professional forum for business communications so it is appropriate for you to sign your posts. Anonymous messages will be tolerated to an extent, under the assumption that there is a valid reason for anonymity.

I suggest that problems arise from some of the anonymous posters who do not include their details in their profile. Permitting them to pretend that they are posters whom they are not and therefore writing accordingly.

Sure we regulars can occasionally get passionately involved.

I know for myself and the posters whom I have had the great pleasure to personally meet that they are all true professionals.

As it is often stated, we do have the opportunity to select categories and then also the individual freedom to choose what we read.

I know that from experience that if a certain category was turned off then they would have a different perspective on the posts in other categories, especially SS.

The hot air that is generated appears to me to mainly come from those who are non professional who do not comprehend debate that requires an open mind to quietly accept or disagree in a professional manner.

Some posters appear to decide that no matter what a poster writes , they form a fixed view of agreeing or not agreeing. So a poster who may be seen as a flame in politics and religion is sadly also seen in the Strictly Surveying field to also being a radical and unworthy of acceptance.

I say it is a professional site for professionals.

This is not an elitist statement saying to stop non professional from contributing, as the site is an extremely valuable resource to gain up to date information from experienced professionals.

When I read I weight posts and responses according to professionalism, those I know and met and from posters who personally know posters. Most anonymous posters who do not have profile particulars I take their responses with a grain of salt until they quietly introduce themselves by private email.