Posted By Bart Crattie on 8/26/2008 at 10:30 PM

Why aren't we held in the same esteem as Doctors and Lawyers?

Well I am. If I'm not perceived in that light, I make sure those that don't know our profession understand that fact. Don't ever give up, ours is a high calling with collegues such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Jeremiah Dixon and his chum, Mason, Misters Lewis and Clark and Abraham Lincoln. We are the people that know this and apprecitate it. It is our fault that our equals in other professions don't know that.

My goodness, do you realize you know law, math, history, diplomacy, dendrology, physics, logic and numerous other disciplines I've overlooked. Few profession have the varied knowledge we do.

The reason we are not held in high esteem is because we, for the most part don't think of ourselves in that position (falsely).

I'm so durn tired of hearing my friends and fellow surveyors publicly beating ourselves up. I have too much in this game to let someone tear down what all I've worked for because of a lack of professional confidence.

Bart Crattie

i have to add,
I'm spending 5 days studying NFIP/FEMA as I write this. I'm also keeping a bunch of good Americans employed as I do this. I heard today that an attorney friend of mine laid off another friend of mine as title examiner. The attorney wasn't making enough money to keep him on the payroll. We aren't either but we take care of our folks and constantly improve our knowledge and abilities. Never sit still and everyday, remind someone that a surveyor is a doctor, lawyer, accountant, rocket surgeon and brain scientist.