A land surveyor and an Ancient Roads Committee search to identify all of Westminster, Vermont's, ancient roads before a state laws declares them legally gone forever.

By ROBERT PLAIN, Reformer Staff
Saturday, August 23

They don't know exactly how many there are yet, but there are more than meets the eye. Indeed, that is the very reason the town created an Ancient Roads Committee -- to locate and plot all the streets ever legally created here, many of which have disappeared after a newer or more direct route was created.
"We've found over 200 roads," said Aurelius "Dibo" DiBernardo, of DiBernardo Assoc. Land Surveyors, the surveyor working with the town to help find its lost roadways.
Because of DiBernardo's and the Ancient Roads Committee's work, they now know that there was once four roads connecting Westminster to Athens and Brookline. Today there are none.
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