Posted By Kristi Grahl on 9/2/2008 at 10:21 PM

I know many of you love the P&R category, but it really is way out of hand. Most of the posts in this category don't even come close to following the message board rules. Many are just plain offensive and obnoxious. After receiving a number of requests over the past several weeks to "please do something," I have relegated the P&R posts to a category that must be accessed separately if you want to participate in those discussions. The "All Messages" category is now "All Messages Except Politics and Religion." (The note at the top of the categories page will be corrected soon.)

I'm sure this will earn me a few complaints...but for the 98% of you who do use this community as a valuable professional resource, I would like us to try to maintain it as such. You can do your part by ignoring obnoxious or inflammatory posts rather than responding to them. And please do continue to e-mail me with your feedback.


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