Posted By David Livingstone on 10/28/2008 at 3:45 PM

I am working on a project where we are surveying most of the south half of section 15. I will try to keep this simple and not put too many details in. The problem is the east west center line of section 15 is running at an extreme skew.

The distances today are as follows to the nearest foot: west side sw 1/4 2448', west side nw 1/4 2969', east side sw 1/4 2574, east side nw 1/4 2813, east side se 1/4 2701, east side ne 1/4 2695.

Basically the south half is quite a bit short on the west side with the east west centerline of the section at about a 3 degree skew. The history of surveying the section is as follows:

Surveyed by the govt 1816,

East west center of section line surveyed in 1895-this survey shows starting at the east 1/4 corner and running west to the west 1/4 corner. I am getting the roughly the same angle at the east 1/4 corner today.

1911 survey of the north half of section-this shows the extreme skew and the distances roughly match what I get today.

1917 survey of part of the sw 1/4, which shows the skew of the east west center of section.

1940 survey of the part of the se 1/4 that show the skew of the east west center of section.

Today there are various monuments at the corners of the section, some newer, some older, such as a stone. All these monuments match occupation well. I have no intention of upsetting this occupation and will hold the existing monuments, but I am curious what happened in the past to cause the extreme shortage on the west side of the section. This shortage comes out to 4 chains. My opinion is that either the government surveyors had a 4 chain bust or the survey of the east west center of section perfomed in 1895 was in error. This survey from 1895 is short on details, which was pretty common for the county surveyor.

Any opinions and thanks in advance for your patience in reading all this.