The ASPRS Foundation has been chosen to take over administration of the newly created John O. Behrens Institute for Land Information (ILI) Memorial Scholarship. The award was established by the Institute for Land Information as a tribute to the many contributions of Mr. Behrens to the field of geographic and land related information and technology. John O. Behrens was a founder of the ILI and the author of many articles about the value of spatial information, land assessment and taxation, and land information policy.  In recognition of Mr. Behrens’ outstanding contributions over his distinguished career, funds remaining in the ILI treasury when it was dissolved earlier this year have been donated to the ASPRS Foundation for this scholarship.

The purpose of the Award is to encourage students/persons who have an exceptional interest in pursuing scientific research or education in geospatial science or technology or land information systems/records to enter a professional field where they can use the knowledge of this discipline to excel in their profession. Initially, this annual scholarship will consist of a certificate and a check in the amount of $1,000 and a one-year student membership (new or renewal) in the Society.

The short-term goal will be to increase the annual award amount to a minimum of $2,000. Future award increases, or the addition of multiple annual awards, will be considered in accordance with the policies of the ASPRS Foundation, with the intent to maintain a fully endowed level at all times.

The Scholarship is made to an under-graduate student currently enrolled or intending to enroll in a college or university in the United States for the purpose of pursuing a program of study that prepares them to enter a profession in which education in geospatial science or land information disciplines will advance the value of those disciplines within that profession.

The deadline for application is October 10, 2008. Applications about this scholarship and all others awarded by ASPRS can be found at