Posted By h.e. turner on 8/21/2008 at 2:23 PM

I've spent the better part of the day here trying to distract myself from this survey. And it might be too specific to Ga. for general discussion, but anyway......

Gold lots were land lots laid out by "original" grants as 1320' square 40 acres. The reasoning behind it was the countryside in those areas may contain some type of mineral rights.

Well, of course, many were kind of skipped over during the original surveys of the 1830s and sometimes the grantees had to do the best they could as far as finding their property lines.

So, I have a deed that calls for all of land lot xxx, district x, section x lying north of soandso road. The good news is that the east side of the lot was well surveyed in 2005. I found it in good order. The bad news is no one I know of has surveyed the north and west lines in at least 100 years. The good news is all three sides to the north of the road are fenced with barbed wire that looks to date from the 20s or 30s at least. The bad news is there are no CORNERS at the n.w. and s.w. fence corners. The good news is there are recent surveys calling for the next land lot corner to the west along the north line and the next land lot corner to the south along the west line. I ACTUALLY FOUND BOTH OF THOSE! The bad news is neither one of them fall ANYWHERE NEAR the extended fence/possession lines. ARGGGGGG!!

So now, if you've followed me this far,(bless you), when I turn a 90degree angle off the n.e.corner and go 1320'I'm exactly 20' shy of the n.w.fence corner but I'm right on the north fence line. When I turn 90degrees from that point and intersect the road r/w to the south I'm right on the western fence line. AMAZING!

Finally my question. How many times have you had to rely on cardinal bearings to resolve a problem like this? I'm loath to set pins without ties forward. Yet, here, with all the adjoiners parol evidence indicating that, "yeah, these lines have always been messed up, yuck yuck.", and lack of recent surveys that support these fence line angles, what's a mutha to do except use the angles?

I've basically traversed a couple thousand feet for naught and no reason to believe it'll get any better the further out I traverse. This may be a colonial specific problem. It's just unusual for me to EVER use angles to resolve a boundary.

Sorry for being so long winded, but any insight or similar shared experiences would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time and take care.

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