Posted By Roadhand .. on 9/28/2008 at 12:03 PM

Lets say you sign on with an outfit. Your compensation is spelled out clearly in an offer sheet.
"$xx,xxx" salary
$x,xxx ins.
$x,xxx use of company truck
5 days PTO increasing annually
5 days Vacation increasing anually
$x,xxx bonus depending on seniority

$xxx,xxx Total compensation
ok the first year everything is good, no problems, bonus' come every three months, unused vacation and pto paid out at end of year, then..

the next year, no bonus' yet for anybody, pto and vacation same as year before, we are told that jan 1 is the rollover date. If you started on say 1/5/07 you are not considered having a years time in until 1/1/09.

GPS installed on all vehicles. Speed and travel log printed out each week with "unneccasarry" trips highlighted and any speeds faster than 65 highlighted.

Now my question to you, oh wise ones

Is this a sign of the economic times or is it time to move on down the road?

I have seen this before. The benefits are always the first to go.

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