Posted By Jimmy Cleveland on 10/1/2008 at 11:28 PM

What do you plan on doing to survive the current economic situation?

Me, well, I've been thinking about it alot the past few days.

I plan on doing whatever it takes to make my small business survive the current situation. It might mean taking a part time job doing something to suplement the business. It might not even be survey related.

I plan on marketing the business, and streamlining my field and office procedures. I plan on learning more about GPS, and ways it can help improve my field abilities.

I will survive, due to the fact that I've worked too dang hard to get to where I'm at, to let some greedy Wall Street suites crash the economy and take it all away. Determination and ingenuity will be a key to survival.

The vast majority of surveyors in this are are really hurting, and a few have almost closed up shop. When things do pick back up, I believe that those of us who diversify, and have little overhead will be in a good position when things pick back up.

Keeping the faith,