Land surveyor and artifacts expert Richard Kinz receives permission to scientifically excavate one of the richest Native American archeological sites in Central-South Texas.

By Michael Cary

The Gazette-Enterprise     
Published September 5, 2008

SEGUIN - One of the richest archeological Native American artifact sites in Central-South Texas was reported in this city in mid-June.
It was not long before Jody and Floyd McKee received offers from out-of-town arrowhead collectors.
“One man from San Antonio offered us $6,000 per month to excavate our property. We told him ‘No, we’re not interested, thank you very much,’” Floyd McKee said recently.
The McKees have since been visited by Native American artifacts experts, including Bob Everett of Seguin, David Calame of Devine, and Richard Kinz, a surveyor who founded Tri County Land Surveying Inc.
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