Posted By wayne griffin on 10/14/2008 at 5:21 PM

I do occasional elevation certificates for mobile homes. I stake the elevation to build to, then go back when finished to make sure they did it right. Pretty straightforward, usually.

Now suddenly the state mobile home inspector is requiring that an engineer certify that the "foundation" will withstand a 100 yr flood. He also wants a sealed plan. He says that's always been a FEMA regulation, but the county has been lax.

These are typically set on metal stands on a block, with permanent tie-downs to hold it in place. This apparently is not acceptable to FEMA. As opposed to some type of concrete pier, per their regulations.

It doesn't matter that the county has approved everything and issued their occupancy permit, he still needs that certification. In addition to my elevation certification.

This is all new to me. Especially considering that the county is the FEMA administrator, and they've been setting them this way for years.