Posted By Roadhand .. on 9/21/2008 at 12:01 PM

The measured distance between the N.E. section corner and the North 1/4 corner is 2652.50 feet. (This is a standard interior U.S.G.L.O. section). The G.L.O. plat distance shown for this line is 40.10 chains. The two G.L.O. corners are believed to be excellant perpetuations of the points that were originally established in 1826. An iron pipe is found between these two points. This iron pipe is 1323 feet west of the N.E. section corner (1329.50 feet east of the North 1/4 corner). The iron pipe is 1.8 feet north of the section line. It is believed that this iron pipe is a perpetuation of an 1890 survey by the County Surveyor. Where is the 1/16 corner?

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