Surveyors looking to add deformation monitoring to their list of core competencies can look to Trimble for a complete, flexible approach to engineering applications. With the latest release, Trimble 4D Control software provides a comprehensive approach to deformation monitoring:
  • Perform computation, adjustment and deformation analysis in real-time
  • Configure alarms to alert for a variety of conditions
  • Control and schedule multiple total stations

Software is a key component of any monitoring system. Using Trimble 4D Control and Trimble optical sensors, such as the Trimble S8 Total Station, users have a complete solution for processing and analyzing monitoring data, as well as managing and scheduling a network of optical sensors.

A scalable approach lets you grow as needed, from just one total station to massive deployments covering hundreds of monitoring points. The Control Center lets you manage distributed networks and perform all data analysis from a centralized location. Sophisticated data visualization allows you to easily identify deformation outside your specified tolerances. Automated alerts notify you when conditions exceed those tolerances.

Trimble’s comprehensive approach to surveying and engineering allows surveyors to utilize general-purpose optical instruments for specialized applications such as monitoring and spatial imaging. Combined with Trimble’s advanced surveying sensors and field software, surveyors now have an opportunity to grow in new directions with their existing Trimble instruments.

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